Website Designers

Prescott Computing is a website design co-op located right in the heart of Prescott, Arizona.

Website Design

There’s basically two types of websites: information and ecommerce.

Information websites are like this one: it tells your story and has a contact page. Pretty simple stuff. Today’s information websites are usually running on a WordPress engine. WordPress is free and it’s getting easier to use all the time. We style the site for you and set it up with the best plugins. If there are any further mods you require, we can do those too.

Ecommerce websites are shopping carts. There are many shopping carts on the market, and they all have their weak points. The shopping cart we typically use is Zen Cart. Zen Cart is, like WordPress, free. We style the cart for you and set it up with the appropriate add-ons. If there are any further mods you require, we can do those too. Shopping carts must be loaded up with products, the credit card and shipping modules must be configured, and there are help files to be written. Shopping carts usually require a certain amount of tailoring, since everyone runs their business a little differently.

WordPress and Zen are both written in php and use a mySQL database. We are experts at both.

Our specialty is creating custom databases and custom websites. We are also skilled at loading databases (such as shopping cart databases) with spreadsheet data. Excel is an excellent way to keep track of inventory, and it’s easier to use than most shopping cart control panels. We allow you to update your shopping cart with what’s in your spreadsheet.